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Actions do speak louder than words. You will see. by Tahko - 2/13/09 @ 3:53PM PST#

Actions do speak louder than words. You will see. You know, when I started this, I only wanted to have a site that was maybe almost as good as 420chan or 7chan.

I guess I got caught up in the whole thing and started doing stunts for traffic much like a raid does for other boards. Getting raided does bring attention but it seems that I did it at the cost of my userbase. That being said, I am sincerely apologetic about my behavior of the last few months. I am now attempting to pay penance by helping others with their website. Since two weeks ago, I have assisted many chans in their support issues on KusabaX's support site.

Although I know that some people won't change their mind on me and anticipate that I will change at the drop of a hat back to old methods, I assure you that isn't the case. I am done being so involved with imageboards as a whole to that venacular. I don't have the want to do it anymore. Period. I just want to help and maybe get some of my userbase back.

I know they are still around, I see the stats. I'm asking you to come back with my word that I am only doing good things to spread the word as shown by my advertising and helping others with their projects.

I made mistakes, I'm sure others have too. I would like for my actions to speak for my words and that's why I held off this announcement until I had already shown my sincerity.

As of now, I am only really handling the tech support aspect and advisory roles on all the pushthenet boards. I am not going to have a very active role in any of the pushthenet sites anymore asides from handling appropriate advertising and making sure the site is actually up.

Tacheon is the active admin of IMG
Natalie-kun is the active admin of SocialNet
Arc is the active admin of 666chan

These are the people you need to talk to in regards to the sites, my only intervention will done on my part if there are legal ramifications. I will have no final say in operations of the sites as a whole. The admins will be taking advice from you, the userbase as it is intended.

I got overzealous, I wanted it to much and I was trying to force it. For this I am really sorry and I'm very much willing to do what it takes to make it right thus my recent activity.

If you do need help with your project, drop into the IRC and let me know, I'll try to help where I can.

If you believe that there is another way in which I can help, please let me know. If it has anything to do about changes to the site, you will need to address the active admins. So change of the site is out of my hands just to let you know. Otherwise, post it in here.

Oh also, I would ask that you not attack me or the site over past indiscretions as I am actively denouncing them now.

Sin Together. by admin - 1/2/09 @ 10:27PM PST#

All people have within them the potential to do good or bad. To go to the light, or venture in the dark. We prefer the latter.

Our boards are designed to cater to your more evil tenancies. The "Evil Boards" have typical chan boards and when you are ready to confess your sins to the devil himself, you do so in the appropriate sin board.

Walk with us as we march towards doom wailing guitars in the background and flaming skulls everywhere.

Even evil takes time. If you are new, please stop by /n00b/. Don't be afraid of the lashings, you will probably get them eventually anyway.

If you can't think of an appropriate sin board then report to /666/.

Thank You.

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